No song has raked in more money in the history of Ghana music than ‘Touch It’- KiDi says

KiDi has revealed that aside from the virality of his top charting ‘Touch It’ song, it was commercially successful as well.

The serial hitmaker then added that as far as he’s concerned, there’s no song in the history of Ghana music that has made more money than his Touch It banger.

He did not say this as a way of blowing his shiny trumpet but to shut some critics down who said although his song has broken frontiers, including going platinum in India, it did not translate to monetary returns.

KiDi was in the studios of Okay FM where he was interviewed by ace broadcaster Abeiku Santana. It was during the chit-chat that he set the record straight and proudly held on to his bragging right.

Watch the short footage as shared by Okay FM;

Meanwhile, KiDi recently said all his features with other artistes have been done pro bono but henceforth the narrative will change.

The A-list singer who together with his label mate Kuame Eugene is one the most formidable artistes of the New School recently opined in a Twitter Space that he’s going to charge for collaborations.

While interacting with Ghana Weekend‘s Olele Salvador, the serial hitmaker said the economic hardship presently prevailing in the country has informed his irreversible decision.

“You can ask all the artistes who have featured me on their songs. I’ve never charged taken a dime from them. I didn’t say I will not charge for features oo. I have never done that [before] but right now how the economy is going, ‘asesa’ [things have changed].

He was however quick to add that despite not taking monies for features, he always owns rights to the revenue the accrues from the song, as the copyright laws stipulate.

Watch the footage below (Video credit: Ghana Weekend)

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